Max Payne Theme by the Ansia Orchestra.

Recently I stumbled upon a great fan rendition of the Max Payne theme on SoundCloud. The theme is performed by the Ansia Orchestra and features both strings and a choir. While it’s arguably one of the best fan covers of the Max Payne theme out there, I thought it could be improved by applying just a few small tweaks. I slightly altered the pitch and speed for a more dramatic sound. You can hear the result in the video below. For the original version click here. The artwork in the video is a mash-up of various artworks I’ve created myself. Click here if you’d like a wallpaper version.

Dragon Age: Inquisition. My game of 2014.


The release of the Playstation 4 in November 2013 ushered in a new era of gaming. Sony’s console was soon followed by Microsoft’s Xbox One and developers were now able to create new, innovative, superb looking new games because of the increased horse power these consoles brought into the living room. The first year of a new console is always a bit of a drag, since developers need to get familiar with the systems and blockbuster titles take a lot of time to develop. However, that doesn’t mean nothing exciting was released this year. Quite the contrary. Apart from re-makes (some done right, some done wrong), these are my personal highlights: Wolfenstein: The New Order, Far Cry 4, Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Dragon Age: Inquisition. The latter being my game of the year. Here are some screenshots of my Inquisitor I took on Playstation 4.

My Inquisitor and Dorian.

Inquisitor Maxwell Trevelyan.

At this moment of writing I’m 60 hours in and I’m sure it’s going to take me at least another 60 to complete it. It’s one of the most expansive RPGs I’ve ever played and from my point of view exceeds the Mass Effect series, Bioware’s last-gen showpiece, by miles. In many ways the game reminds me of the excellent Knights of the Old Republic: Yes, there’s a memorable villain. Yes, you are the center piece of the universe. Yes, the game does feature an epic story line and music. And oh, gameplay-wise the game is great as well. All in all, it’s the game I’ve had the most fun with in 2014 and thus became my game of the year. I implore you to check it out if you fancy RPGs. What is your game of the year? Comment below! Now, let’s kill that high dragon…

GTA 5 for PC Delayed. First screenshots and specs.


Let’s start with the bad news for all you PC gamers out there: Grand Theft Auto V has a new release date. The game was originally scheduled for a release in January, but is pushed back to March 24 2015. That’s not too shabby if you ask me.

Now the good news: Rockstar Games is in the last stages of finishing the game and wants to make sure PC players get top-notch quality and proves this by releasing a few high resolution screenshots. The game already looks stunning on next gen consoles, but in 4K it’s absolutely jaw dropping good. Click the title image for a 4K screenshot.

Rockstar was also kind enough to share minimum and recommended system specifications to get your rig ready in time for launch. For more information on the system specifications, and more 4K screenshots head to the Rockstar Newswire by clicking here.

2015 Design refresh


Hi visitor, welcome to 2015! I wish you all the best. Also, welcome to a re-freshed PayneReactor. During the holidays, I’ve been hard at work trying to migrate PayneReactor to a new website design. Twitter and Facebook followers might know this, since I’ve shared some of my progress on these networks. However, during the migration it became clear to me that the new design could not be altered the way I liked and hence had to ditch it.

I’m sorry the website was in maintenance mode for the last few days, but I hope you understand that maintaining and altering the website is also a hobby of mine. I enjoy messing around and trying out new things. I never disliked the design of PayneReactror I launched back in late 2013, but it was in need of a design re-fresh. I rebuild the design from the ground up: The website is wider on larger displays, highlights are now integrated in the header, a new color palette, consistent design, improved layout and readability and much more.

Welcome back ;) I hope you enjoy. And oh, the re-design might have broken a few things here and there, but rest assured that I’m working on fixing it!

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