Rhetorical Questions

“They were all fat, I released my trigger from their finger and then it was a rhetorical question.” Watch this funny stuff below and get you WTF & Max Payne fix for today. Thank me later.

Flat Max Payne 3 Wallpaper

“Flat” is one of the major new design principles these days. That must have inspired DragoniteArmy to create this Max Payne 3 wallpaper. It’s flat, minimal and yet appealing. I like a clean desktop, especially in Windows 8. Click the thumbnail below this post to save the wallpaper.


Poll Results: March 2014

I hereby present you the poll results of the third poll on PayneReactor. The poll ran for the entire month of March 2014. The question featured was: “Which Max Payne villain is your favorite?”. Readers could choose between A) “Nicole Horne”, B) “Vladimir Lem” and C) “Victor Branco”.

A whopping 30 votes were cast! Almost the same number as from February’s poll. 16% of the votes were cast on answer A, Nicole Horne. 74% of the votes were cast on answer B, Vladimir Lem. 10% of the votes were cast in favor of answer C, Victor Branco. It looks like the fans are loving the smooth Russian operator over the oil slick on an iceberg.

Also, announcing the new poll that will run this April: “Which supporting character is your favorite?” Vote now on your answer in the Poll section on the right of this screen!

PayneReactor Website Updates

Hi there guys! Over the course of the last few days I made a few under the hood updates to PayneReactor that should further improve the overall browsing experience.

Archives Widget

One of the most notable changes is the new Archives widget at the bottom of the website. With this new widget users are able to scroll easily through the blog its contents by year and month. Below the widget, in the footer, are new shortcuts to the PayneReactor Facebook, YouTube and Twitter page.

Latest Tweets Sidebar Widget

Speaking of Twitter; The sidebar now features a Latest Tweets widget and a button to immediately follow PayneReactor.

Sweet CAPTCHA spam security system

The CAPTCHA (spam security questions) plugin I had installed previously was faulty, resulting in a lot of Japanese spam mails. I switched to a new CAPTCHA system that features a fun and noob proof security question system. I also had to switch to a new contact form to be able to implement this CAPTCHA system across the site. It all works fine and smoothly.

WordPress SEO

To further improve loading times and browsing speed, I ditched a few custom login page plugins and went for a cleaner, simpler login landing page. Another plugin will deliver better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so Google will be able to better index the site and deliver content faster. The SEO plugin also provides tips that help me optimize pages content, images, titles, meta descriptions and loads of optimization options in between.

I hope you guys have a positive browsing experience with these new tools. If you experience weird behavior, please notify me with a comment or by using the contact form.

What if Max Payne was released today?

MPR_04Back in 2001 Max Payne was a stellar game that used a lot of groundbreaking technologies (like photo-realistic textures). Now, more than 10 years later, with more computing and graphics power available, these technologies have improved and new ones have emerged. All in all, a lot has changed in the gaming world and Max Payne 1 can barely run on a modern system. Many fans praise the eerie atmosphere that game brought us and while Max Payne 3 brought us a Next Generation Max Payne, many fans said the game lacked some of that iconic atmosphere. This was reason enough for a brave level designer to start playing with an HD remake of Roscoe Street Station with CryEngine 3. You can see his accomplishments below. Awesome! Max Payne HD in the making?



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