Remedy’s Max Payne 3 would have been different.


Many of you may know Max Payne 3 was not developed by Remedy Entertainment, but was a collaborative effort between various Rockstar Games studios. Remedy is currently in the last phase of finishing up Quantum Break. The studio’s creative director and writer of the first two Max Payne games, Sam Lake, was asked to comment on his involvement in the creation of the game during a lecture held at the Cité des Sciences et de L’industrie in Paris.

He mentioned that the developers at Rockstar Games asked the folks at Remedy to play the game during production in order to provide feedback. Lake liked the game, especially because it felt like Rockstar was applying their own original style into the Max Payne universe.  He was actually afraid of the idea of seeing Rockstar just trying to mimic Remedy’s style, instead of doing their own thing. Luckily, Max Payne 3 was still Max Payne, but was very definitely Rockstar’s own version, and a re-imagining of the franchise.

Lake continued by mentioning that he can safely say that, if done by Remedy, Max Payne 3 would have been completely different, but according to him what Rockstar did was the right creative way of approaching things. Lake also explained that he thinks that Dan Houser (who wrote Max Payne 3) is a “phenomenal writer,” and after the development of the game, when he was working on the graphic novel, he went to Lake to ask him about Max’s childhood, then he used the insight he received to create the story.

During Gamescom, I personally spoke with Lake about this topic as well. Back then he already praised the way Rockstar had developed a sense for the character and were trying their best to please the fans.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Giveaway.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is definitely one of my most favorite games of 2015. I was invested in this game right from the start and literally spent hundreds of hours trying to uncover its deepest secrets and pursued the best possible armor. It seems I’m not the only one who’s liking this game, since it managed to win a lot of Game Of The Year awards this month.

Allow me to give you a chance to also enjoy this game and present you the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Giveaway. I’ve got just one copy of the game available for PC. However, in order to win it, you must successfully complete an assignment. Mind you, this is no easy task!

Giveaway instructions:

  • Find the ten differences in the picture below and clearly mark them in the picture.
  • Post the picture as a comment in this post. Don’t forget to add or mention your e-mail address or  the submission will be invalid.
  • (Optional) Like PayneReactor on Facebook or follow @PayneReactor on Twitter to stay informed about future giveaways.

The winner will be randomly selected from the entries on Monday 1st of February on 8:00 PM BST.

Good luck finding all ten!

Click this image for a bigger version. You're gonna need it to find all 10 differences!

Click this image for a bigger version, then right click to save. You’re gonna need it to find all 10 differences!

02/01/2016 Update: The giveaway is over. Congratulations Panagiotis, please enjoy your newly acquired copy of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt! I’ve listened to the feedback of Dragoş and increased the chances of the first three entries by respectively, 400%, 300% and 200%. Thank you all for participating. Keep an close eye on PayneReactor, more is coming!

Max Payne: Retribution character posters revealed.


The producers of Max Payne: Retribution have revealed all characters making an appearance in the fan film during the past week. I have collected all the character posters and combined them below for your viewing pleasure.

Along with the look of the characters, all the actors have also been revealed: Joan James Muixi as Max Payne, Gracie Tyrrell as Mona Sax, Jon Campling as Curtis Draven, Leroy Kincaide as Jack Lupino and Luci Fish as Jenny Watts.

A story about Payne, Redemption & Dedication.

print_headerWelcome to 2016. We’re living in a time where realizing our ideas is no longer a matter of budget, technology or time, but mere dedication.

For example, making movies is hard. Nowadays films are enormous, risky, ventures to complete. Some scripts are deemed so risky they never get a chance to be turned into film. Blockbuster productions are being funded with blockbuster budgets. Yet, still some get delayed for months. Others… well, years. Dedication will decide what happens to these projects. Will the director let it fade away? Or does it stand the test of time?

I recently sat down with Fergle Gibson (writer & director) to talk about PAYNE & REDEMPTION. Before, I’ve had the privilege to show you some high quality movie stills, ushering in its return. Nonetheless, I had a lot of questions for Gibson concerning the state the project currently finds itself in. So we got together and boy, did he deliver. See, in contrast to Hollywood blockbusters, Gibson has no budget and a very small team working with him. To make matters worse, he encountered all sorts of problems along the way while completing his film. His dedication however, is something you’ve just got to admire.

Allow me to introduce you to the first part of a multi-part interview with Mr. Gibson, in which he’ll openly discuss matters and even shares some (exclusive) new media!

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The Sudden Stop interviews Chloe Chudasama.

chloe_retributionJaden Moretti (Editor of the Alan Wake fan site The Sudden Stop) recently had the pleasure of talking to Chloe Chudasama, the Producer and Stills Photographer of the upcoming film Max Payne: Retribution.

The interview does not reveal thrilling new information, however, it does shed more light on some of the design choices the Retribution team made. What thoughts cross Chudasama’s mind when taking photographs for the film? Why did the team wanted to feature both Max and Mona? How was the casting process conducted? If you’re looking for the answers to these questions, make sure to visit The Sudden Stop by clicking here.

For us this was a MUST to have Mona Sax involved, really she is a main character in Max Payne and it just wouldn’t feel right not having her in our story. We took our time with casting Mona as she had to be the right choice- we set up a casting on casting call pro and held auditions, and after 15 women we made our final choice for Gracie Tyrrell who is an incredible actress and has the perfect look and connection with our Max Payne. – Chloe Chudasama

In addition, the Max Payne: Retribution team also revealed they’ll be releasing new character posters soon as the Mona Sax posters (which were, in fact, made by Chudasama) were well received by the community.

Shooting of Max Payne: Retribution is scheduled to begin this month and the film is slated for release later this year.

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