Review: Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End.


The Uncharted series has become one of the strongest arguments for PlayStation gamers to defend their console of choice. As of today, the franchise developed by Naughty Dog is exclusive to the PlayStation platform and in the meantime has become one of the most acclaimed game franchises in history. For a good reason. The latest and presumed last addition to the series, named Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, is nothing less than any game that has come before it. That being said, the question is: is it any better?

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Max Payne PS4 & Unannounced Remedy project.


The official European PlayStation Blog confirmed the long rumored re-release of Max Payne for PlayStation 4. Basically, it’s an emulated port of the game’s PlayStation 2 version. The listing doesn’t go into any details on Max Payne’s new incarnation. But if it’s like the other emulated PS2 titles to hit PS4, you can expect a significantly improved display resolution, clearer textures, and hopefully even full Trophy support.

In other news; while Quantum Break might have just seen the light of day, IGN discovered Remedy Entertainment has been working on a new project. For nine months already. This project is expected by many to be the sequel to 2010’s Alan Wake, but as long as Remedy keeps their lips sealed we will be none the wiser. What do you hope / think this will be?

04/25/2016 Update: Max Payne currently costs $6 in the US PlayStation store due to a promotion $14,99 in the US PS Store and €14,99 in the EU PS Store. For the full thropy list, click here, sadly there’s no platinum thropy to collect.

Help preserve the Max Payne mods!


Just a few days ago the once oh-so-popular file sharing website GameFront announced it will be closing down its doors – permanently – on April 30, 2016. Like ModDB, GameFront once was one of the leading websites for mods and game patches. However since many modern games no longer support modding (due to the multiplayer components) and patches no longer require manual installation, GameFront’s popularity declined leading to its closure.

Unbeknownst to many, GameFront actually has the largest library of Max Payne 1/2 mods. Its closure will be the last nail in the coffin for many of these. In an effort to save the modding legacy, I’m requesting the help of the community. Please help by downloading your favorite mods and upload them to ModDB (click the link to read instructions) or alternatively; post a comment about the mod which absolutely needs saving and I’ll see to it! Thank you for your time. Click here for a complete list of the Max Payne files at GameFront.

Guest Post: Quantum Break – An Adventure in Time.


Quantum Break, the new time-bending third person action game needs to live up to a legacy put in place by previous titles of developer Remedy; Max Payne (2001) and Alan Wake (2010). That’s going to be a huge challenge because those games set a standard in the third person action genre, one that has since become somewhat stale with little innovation. Finding a hook for the game and with it, a killer app for Microsoft’s Xbox One, was always going to be a difficult task with nobody better suited to the challenge than the creative team at Remedy.

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Quantum Break Xbox One giveaway!


Today’s April 4th and that means Quantum Break by Remedy Entertainment will be out tomorrow for Xbox One and Windows 10. Hooray! A few days ago reviews for the game were unleashed and the game is receiving critical acclaim so far. PayneReactor also gave the game a nearly perfect score, praising its fusion between Max Payne gunplay and Alan Wake story telling.

Eager to check the game out yourself? Don’t fret, I’m here to help. I’ll be giving away one copy of Quantum Break for Xbox One, but as always, there’s a little work to be done:

  1. The first step is to Like PayneReactor on Facebook. Done? Good. You may proceed.
  2. For the second step answer the following question in the comments: If you had the power to manipulate time, what would you do?
  3. The most liked comment below will be granted the copy, so make sure you count in your family and friends to vote for your entry! Oh and congratulating Remedy on shipping Quantum Break grants you bonus points. Let’s GO!

Of course there are some rules. Click the ‘Read more’ button to go through them carefully.

04/09/2016 Update: The giveaway is over, congratulations Rosa M.! Have fun playing Quantum Break. Thanks to everyone who participated in this giveaway. Please keep following PayneReactor. There will be more giveaways in the future!

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