Nigel Billing is The Detective

billingAbout a week ago PayneReactor had a little exclusive, Payne & Redemption is back! Now that Fergle Gibson is putting all his efforts towards an imminent release of the fan film, lots of new media will be released between now and then. Since Fergle has always been a bit secretive about the look of Nigel Billing, the actor portraying The Detective (also known as Max Payne), I was really surprised to see a full head shot of Billing released today. As you come to expect, the quality is stunning and while the actor has some resemblances to James McCaffrey it looks really original as well.

More media will be released when my interview with Fergle Gibson goes live later this month.

To view the picture, simply click the banner in this post or press the “Read more” button below. What do you think of this picture? Let me know in the comments!

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Something strange happened the other week. Fergle Gibson, writer and director of Payne & Redemption – the highly anticipated Max Payne inspired fan film – announced a AMA-session about Payne & Redemption on his Twitter account. Why is this strange you say? For starters, Gibson’s Twitter account has not been updated since late 2012. Secondly, Payne & Redemption was long presumed dead because of this silence.

For those that need a short history lesson, Payne & Redemption was a fan film inspired by the characters and events of the Max Payne universe. The project had high production values and even had some movie industry veterans (that worked on high grossing Hollywood productions in the past) attached to it. This led many to believe the project was an official movie adaptation of the game franchise. Payne & Redemption gained immense popularity and its trailers went viral. Ever since its announcement in 2006, the project had to deal with many difficulties during development. For example, FOX ordered a cease and desist around the time of the Max Payne movie, and thus the script had to be altered and scenes had to be re-shot to avoid copyright infringement. Funding of the project became increasingly difficult as well. The movie was shot on a format that was very costly to transfer. Unfortunately, even some crowdfunding campaigns could not help Fergle in getting the funds he needed to finish the film.

After I noticed the AMA-session Twitter post, my mind was filled with questions and I immediately got back in contact with Mr. Gibson. Fergle agreed to answer all of my questions in an upcoming interview but for now all he could say was: Payne & Redemption is BACK!

For all things Payne & Redemption, keep checking PayneReactor!

Let’s do another giveaway!


Summer. Today’s weather in the Netherlands was at an all-time high. Over 100 degrees Fahrenheit on this particular day, no weather I’m accustomed to. Luckily, our friend Max is..  Or at least he should be by now. That is, If he’s still in Brazil. As you may know, Max Payne 3 is turning three this year and the hot summer weather makes for a perfect setting to revisit our friend’s adventure in Sao Paulo. I’d like to help with a giveaway, for I have three copies of the official Max Payne 3 Game Guide by Bradygames so you can make sure you’ll get the most out of your play through. Hell I’ll even throw in some Rockstar Games and Max Payne 3 themed stickers. The official game guide is about 280 pages thick, filled with artwork, a walkthrough, how to find all collectibles or unlock all achievements / trophies. A nice addition for the Max Payne collector.

If you’d like to participate in this giveaway, what do you have to do? Simple, JUST LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! You’ll not only have a chance to win a cool prize but you’ll also stay up to date about Max Payne and everything PayneReactor. I’ll randomly select three winners from the likes generated by the end of next week (July 9). Good luck!

Update 07/12/15: The giveaway is over and the winners have been contacted. Have fun with your prize!

Hitman, enter a world of assassination.


Max Payne 3 is not the only game that celebrates its third anniversary this year. So does Hitman: Absolution. Though unlike Max Payne, Hitman is no longer hiding in the shadows for the cold stealthy killer he is. 2015 is promising to be a big year for the fans of the Hitman franchise. Next to the upcoming movie starring Rupert Friend (Hitman: Agent 47), a new Hitman game was announced at this year’s E3. Both will release before the end of this year.

HITMAN, coming December 8 2015.

Hitman games have always been designed with a mouse and keyboard in mind. While Hitman: Blood Money (one of the best received Hitman games to date) was ported to consoles a few months after its PC release, the game was heavily criticized for having poor controls on those platforms. Blood Money’s successor however, Hitman: Absolution, was the first title to be designed for both PC and consoles. In order to make the gameplay of the series work smooth on consoles, IO Interactive was forced to alter or dumb down some gameplay elements. Fans of the series were not impressed. The game received a polarized reception by reviewers alike.

IO Interactive never made a secret of what their next project would be. They declared in an open letter to their fans that a new Hitman title was in development. It was just a matter of time until it would be shown to the public. That time came to be at this year’s E3. IO Interactive announced HITMAN during the Sony press conference. If you thought 47 looked younger in the picture that accompanied this post then you are correct. The game is no prequel though but rather a “reboot”. An entirely new take on the Hitman franchise, looking to combine all great elements of the previous Hitman titles. HITMAN is a digital release only (for now) and the developers will expand the game with new content over time. Curious how that will work? Then watch this video.

More about the upcoming Hitman movie after the break!

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Celebrate 20 Years of Remedy.


Finally! After fourteen years Sam Lake finally revealed his recipe for the ultimate Max Payne grimace. However, that is not the reason Remedy released a new video starring the writer and face model of the original Max Payne game. Instead, Lake announced some sort of contest to win a chance to celebrate Remedy’s 20th anniversary together with the company. More details in the video embedded below.

To help Remedy celebrate, I’ve setup a guestbook page where everybody is allowed to share something in the comments for the developers to read. Would you like to thank Remedy for creating your favorite games? Perhaps wish Myllyrinne good luck when he soon embarks on a new adventure? Or rather, to show off your fan art? Whatever crumbles your cookie, all is allowed.

All comments written on this page will eventually be bundled in an awesome e-book and send to Remedy.

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