Uncovering secrets from the Remedy warehouse.

rem-whWhile Quantum Break is the pinnacle of Game Informer’s Decembers cover story, the articles they’ve come up with are not solely focused on the game. Much more are they about the game’s development studio, Remedy Entertainment, and the creative process behind game development.

As an outsider, we rarely get to notice about any of that. Of course, during the years we’ve seen Remedy’s games evolve graphically, experienced more intense storytelling and we’ve been there when their games where announced or went gold. But for a developer that process doesn’t end as soon as a game is ready to ship. It’s an ongoing process that’s likely never to end as long as a studio is in business. As you can understand, this means the studio’s history becomes richer with each game they start developing.

Saku shows off the photos used to concieve the graphic novels in Max Payne.

These development kits used for Max Payne are one of many stored relics.

It’s not often that a studio talks openly about this process, let alone show any relics from that time. But rarely we get to see on the inside. While visiting Finland, Game Informer got a sneak peek in what the Remedy team calls their “development warehouse”, where relics and various other gems are stored for safe keeping and later use.

Art director Saku Lehtinen was kind enough to show the Game Informer crew around in the development warehouse. Together they dug up items like Max Payne’s research photographs used for the graphic novels and wardrobe items from Alan Wake 1 & 2. Perhaps you remember, PayneReactor even gave away some collectors items away from this warehouse!

The video (Click here to watch it) is a must watch for every Max Payne fan. Thomas Puha, Head of PR at Remedy, was kind enough to notify me himself through Twitter about this awesome video. Thanks a lot guys, for your openness towards fans and taking us with you on your incredible journey!

Vinnie Gognitti left me a voicemail message.

vinnie..and apparently he’s not satisfied with the layout of PayneReactor. Play the video below to listen to his message. A big thank you to Fred Berman, the voice actor of Vinnie Gognitti (Max Payne 1/2) and Barry Wheeler (Alan Wake), for providing the audio. Unless I want to start a war with the Italian mafia, I guess I’d better follow through his advice.

Quantum Break is Game Informer’s December cover.

qbgiWith the release of Quantum Break nearing, more and more information about the game is to be revealed. A very pleasant surprise today was the reveal of Game Informer’s December Cover to be Quantum Break. In the latest issue of Game Informer the well-known games magazine travels to Remedy in Espoo, Finland for the world’s first-hands-on session of the game. As is usual with cover reveals, Game Informer will be rolling out all manner of video interviews and written features on the creation of Quantum Break throughout the month in a dedicated hub. Probably new screenshots too. Exciting!

Along with the reveal, Game Informer released a teaser trailer of the upcoming coverage:

I’d like to know your thoughts on Quantum Break. Are you excited? Is this a must-have? Let me know in the comments!

Also recently released is a video of Petri Alanko, the composer of Quantum Break, in which he explains how he is using Modular Synthesizers to create music. To watch this video, press the read more button!

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The Incredible Hulk in GTA V.


At PayneReactor we love modifications. Mods are what kept the first Max Payne games alive and very popular among fans, that’s why I’m slowly bringing back the very best of them. However, the Max Payne games are not the only games fans like to mess around with. Grand Theft Auto V, just like its predecessor, is also a very popular game title for modders to chop ’n change.

I recently stumbled upon a mod that I just had to share with you; The GTA V Hulk mod. Bear in mind that GTA V has no official tools available. That means, apart from the changes made to the game, even the tools are fan-made. Isn’t that amazing? Play the YouTube video below to view some gameplay with the mod enabled. Warning: Total carnage inbound! As the Incredible Hulk players are able to wreak havoc across Los Santos. Impressed by the video and want to play around with the mod yourself? Then check the video’s description for more details!

What’s your opinion about mods?

Max Payne: Retribution at MCM London Comic Con.

twitchretToday some of the cast and crew of Max Payne: Retribution made an appearance on the MCM London Comic Con to talk the upcoming fan film. On stage were Leroy Kincaide (writer/director and Jack Lupino), Nick Samuel (music composer) and John Campling (Curtis Draven, psychopathic enforcer of the main villain). The whole 20 minute video of their appearance is available on Twitch. Highlight of the video? Katy Thong in the flesh endorsing the project! How exciting. The Retribution guys were kind enough to deliver us a separate video of that, which you can view below.

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