Hitman, enter a world of assassination.


Max Payne 3 is not the only game that celebrates its third anniversary this year. So does Hitman: Absolution. Though unlike Max Payne, Hitman is no longer hiding in the shadows for the cold stealthy killer he is. 2015 is promising to be a big year for the fans of the Hitman franchise. Next to the upcoming movie starring Rupert Friend (Hitman: Agent 47), a new Hitman game was announced at this year’s E3. Both will release before the end of this year.

HITMAN, coming December 8 2015.

Hitman games have always been designed with a mouse and keyboard in mind. While Hitman: Blood Money (one of the best received Hitman games to date) was ported to consoles a few months after its PC release, the game was heavily criticized for having poor controls on those platforms. Blood Money’s successor however, Hitman: Absolution, was the first title to be designed for both PC and consoles. In order to make the gameplay of the series work smooth on consoles, IO Interactive was forced to alter or dumb down some gameplay elements. Fans of the series were not impressed. The game received a polarized reception by reviewers alike.

IO Interactive never made a secret of what their next project would be. They declared in an open letter to their fans that a new Hitman title was in development. It was just a matter of time until it would be shown to the public. That time came to be at this year’s E3. IO Interactive announced HITMAN during the Sony press conference. If you thought 47 looked younger in the picture that accompanied this post then you are correct. The game is no prequel though but rather a “reboot”. An entirely new take on the Hitman franchise, looking to combine all great elements of the previous Hitman titles. HITMAN is a digital release only (for now) and the developers will expand the game with new content over time. Curious how that will work? Then watch this video.

More about the upcoming Hitman movie after the break!

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Celebrate 20 Years of Remedy.


Finally! After fourteen years Sam Lake finally revealed his recipe for the ultimate Max Payne grimace. However, that is not the reason Remedy released a new video starring the writer and face model of the original Max Payne game. Instead, Lake announced some sort of contest to win a chance to celebrate Remedy’s 20th anniversary together with the company. More details in the video embedded below.

To help Remedy celebrate, I’ve setup a guestbook page where everybody is allowed to share something in the comments for the developers to read. Would you like to thank Remedy for creating your favorite games? Perhaps wish Myllyrinne good luck when he soon embarks on a new adventure? Or rather, to show off your fan art? Whatever crumbles your cookie, all is allowed.

All comments written on this page will eventually be bundled in an awesome e-book and send to Remedy.

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Myllyrinne to step down as CEO of Remedy.


A pivotal moment for Remedy today, as current CEO Matias Myllyrinne announced he will soon leave the company. Myllyrinne has been with Remedy for the past 15 years and feels like now is the right time to start another adventure. Neither Remedy nor Matias revealed at this time who will soon replace Matias as CEO, but I’m sure that news will hit ground in the coming weeks. Perhaps Sam Lake? Mr. Scratch? Let me know who you think should be CEO of Remedy in the comments!

Hit the read more button for Matias’s blog post announcing his departure. (No pun intended :P). A few weeks ago I interviewed Matias, click this link if you like to read that article.

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Max Payne: Retribution Interview.


The world was recently introduced to Max Payne: Retribution, a new and upcoming Max Payne inspired fan film by Leroy Kincaide. However, apart from the fact that the project is currently in a pre-production stage, not much else was revealed. Luckily, Kincaide was kind enough to accept my invitation for an interview. We recently sat down and during our session I bombarded him with tricky questions to winkle out as much information as possible. For example:

Are we going to see Mona Sax or any other famous characters from the Max Payne games?
“OH BABY….. Hell yes. This was my main focus, I wanted to capture some of the magic that brought me close to the game in the first place. So the story of Mona was a must, she had to be in there. There are a few made up characters to help build the story and one more known character, the villain that was the satanic Jack Lupino.”

Interested in reading the full interview? Just press the read more button!

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Guest Post: A story about PayneReactor, Max Payne & many friends.


Earlier this week I reached out to various members of the Max Payne community to take a look back on Max Payne 3 now that it has turned three years old. Today I received Kristian’s piece. Frequent visitors and old time fans might know that Kristian Brynie Hollund is PayneReactor’s founder. Kristian (also known as biXen) left PayneReactor in persuit of his career and other time consuming hobby’s. I still cherish he’s around for input from time to time. When the database goes tits up or unexplainable things happen, he’s always there to help me.

I had been working with Kristian on the site for years when we first met on the Max Payne 3 fan site trip. The moment we shook hands was truly surreal and without surprise we immediately got along. When I joined PayneReactor back in 2003 I was still very young and inexperienced with website administration. I feel honored to say, Kristian was a great mentor.

His history with the Max Payne community is far more richer than mine. And so his story is very interesting. What were his motivations to start a fan site about Max Payne? What does Max Payne mean to him? In this third guest post, he tries to explain it all.

A story about PayneReactor, Max Payne & many friends.

I’m not too big about writing about myself, but since it’s also about Max Payne and many of the friends I’ve gotten through the strange relationship with this game series I guess it’s gonna have to get done.

So…Max Payne….It’s just a game… Or three games + various ports and a semi-decent action movie. But just that though, right? No… For some of us it’s strangely quite a bit more.

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