Remedy’s #HoodieGate and Project 7.

As companies are ready to venture into 2017, a year of many uncertainties, it is now more important than ever to secure and protect your brand’s image, identity and assets. For Remedy, their assets (aka. the-most-talented-personnel-around), are an important cornerstone to protect. These people need to stay warm in the cold, harsh Finnish weather. They need to be able to zone out from time to time to work in an isolated environment. And last but not least, they have the urge to identify themselves with the company they work for. It is for these reasons, Remedy has put in a lot of effort in designing and testing their new company hoodie. Thomas Puha, Head of Communications, will tell you more about the new company hoodie in the video below.

The only way to get your hands on the new Remedy hoodie is to join the company. It will be part of your standard developer issued starter pack. There’s no better time to enlist for the Remedy developer army then now, because the developers need help on their unannounced game, codenamed “Project 7”.

The name is based on the fact that P7 will be the seventh Remedy game to see the light of day. In a recent interview with Mr. Puha on Polygon, the codename was revealed along with the fact that the new game will revolve around “co-op play” in a world where stories can “happen”. What these hints all mean is still not clear. Hopefully 2017 will reveal us more about this mysterious new “Project 7”.

Q&A session with the crew of Retribution.

It was teased for a few weeks, but yesterday evening it really took place. The crew behind Max Payne: Retribution organized a live Q&A session with the help of Facebook’s live streaming function. Fans of the independent film project were tasked with sending in as much questions as possible. They were allowed to ask anything and the director of the film (Leroy Kincaide) answered all of the questions in all honesty. With the project nearing completion, fans were eager to know more as it took Kincaide over an hour of his time to answer more than 20 questions. PayneReactor had send in three of our own and they were answered right at the start! For those that would like to view the entire Q&A session, click here. Or click the read more button below to read the answers Kincaide gave to my questions.

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Review: Renoir.

Imagine you’re playing Max Payne 2 in 2D and Black and White. Take away the hard-boiled slow motion action and replace it with mind-boggling puzzles. The result is Renoir, a noir puzzle adventure game developed by Black Wing Foundation and published by 1C Company.

Renoir started out as a part time project by its original development team Soulbound Games. As an independent studio from the Czech Republic, the team started a Kickstarter campaign in order to get the necessary funds to finish development and to test if the gaming community would be interested in the title. After being greenlit by the community on steam, the project was bought by publisher 1C Company and development studio Black Wing Foundation was attached to the project.

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Remedy teases new game reveal.

Remedy Entertainment appears to be ready to show the world one of their unannounced new game projects. The company behind the critically acclaimed game titles Quantum Break & Alan Wake released a small video via through its Twitter profile that announces a new game trailer is due soon. The short announcement trailer does not yet reveal what game the trailer will be about.

Remedy already announced it is working on multiple projects at the same time and is planning to release games on a faster pace. One of the project they are working on is the single player of Crossfire 2. Because this was already announced openly weeks ago, I think the upcoming trailer will be about an entirely new franchise. Excitement and expectations are pretty high, within minutes the video was already seen by thousands of gamers and most of them voiced their enthusiasm. The announcement comes right in time for the yearly Games Awards Gala. Expect the trailer to be shown here. If the story develops, we’ll let you know!

18/11/2016 Update: Too bad. No such thing as a new game reveal. Today, Remedy released a showreel containing footage of bugs and pre-production challenges of Quantum Break in order to enthuse people to join their company. Well played!

The Max Payne: Retribution trailer is here.


And it’s awesome! The official trailer for the highly anticipated fan film premiered during the MCM Comic Con and it was released to the public shortly after. So far, the trailer has received a lot of positive feedback from Max Payne fans all over the world. I was kind of late to the party because I was attending to the Game On expo in Lithuania for MSI. Nevertheless, when I got to catch up and see the trailer I was positively surprised. The cast and crew are definitely trying to set a new bar for independent fan films.

The trailer is teasing the film will heavily focus on Mona Sax. Sax seems to be in grave danger as she tells Max (played by Joan James Muixi) she has “very little time”. Apparently, Jack Lupino is on the hunt for Sax and even sends the incredibly dangerous lunatic hitman Curtis Draven (played by Jon Campling) after her. When she gets caught by Draven, Max will start a quest to save his love and for retribution.

If you are not excited by now, please let the trailer convince you:

Yeah, Valkyr is green colored in this flick. John Moore eat your heart out. No word yet on an official release date. Trailer says its “coming soon!”. It is expected/rumored the film will see the light of day in Q1 2017.

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