PayneReactor Giveaway Winners

remedycardsThe PayneReactor giveaway winners have been contacted and almost all prizes have been sent. Again, congratulations to all winners and thanks for sharing your most cherished Max Payne memory. Remedy and Rockstar Games sure had a fun time reading them!

One of the winners, Mikko Hänninen, already received the Rare Max Payne Christmas Cards from Remedy Games and shared a picture of his newly aquired thropy on our twitter page. We hope all winners will be able to share a picture with us of their prizes. For the full list with the giveaway winners, click the read more button.

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Photos of Remedy visiting 3D Realms

In the early development days of Max Payne, Remedy Entertainment visited 3D Realms, the distributor, to show their initial progress on the game. Longtime Max Payne fan and PayneReactor contributor K100 recently told us about the following pictures taken during one of these meetings.

This is from the fall of 1998 when the guys from Remedy Entertainment were at the Garland offices. Going around the table counterclockwise starting on left side: Samuli Viikinen (Remedy), Steven Blackburn (3DR), Sam Lake (Remedy), Jim Bloom (Gathering of Developers), Scott Miller (3DR), George Broussard (3DR)

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PayneReactor 15th Anniversary Giveaway has ended!

TrophyThe PayneReactor 15th Anniversary Giveaway time period is now officially over! For two weeks readers were able to post a comment sharing their most cherished Max Payne memory and while doing so, they also had a chance to win awesome Max Payne stuff sponsored by Remedy Games and Rockstar Games. Some very touching memories where shared by readers all over the world. I hereby would like to thank everyone who participated but also to the ones that helped spreading the word.  Remedy Games, fan site The Sudden Stop, community veterans like K100, Matt Lowden, Zom-B, PayneToTheMax and many others helped celebrating our anniversary. Thanks guys!

21 prize winners have randomly been selected and are now being contacted. Congratulations. We’ll announce the winners here soon!

PayneReactor 15th Anniversary Giveaway!


Dear readers. Sorry for the lack of updates the past couple of weeks, but behind the scenes I’m working on a few awesome projects. I’d like to talk about one of these projects right now.

On November 9 2013, PayneReactor was re-launched with a brand new design and functionalities. November 9 is nearing again and that means the new design will turn one year old. Furthermore, since PayneReactor was founded in 1999 we’ve got another thing to celebrate this November: the 15th Anniversary of your number one Max Payne fan site!

Let’s celebrate these occasions with cake, whiskey….. AND PRESENTS!  Rockstar Games and Remedy Entertainment will be celebrating with us: to thank the community for its undying support. We’d like to present you:



The following prizes will be awarded randomly to random selected winners. You’ll have to trust us that we’re being honest about that. The prizes are entirely free, there’re no shipping costs or whatsoever. Prizes are sponsored by Remedy Entertainment, Rockstar Games and PayneReactor.

  • 3x Prize pack A, containing: a print version of the comic book “After the Fall”, a Max Payne 3 themed pill bottle, a bullet shaped key ring, a bullet shaped pen, the Max Payne 3 soundtrack CD, U.F.E. stickers and badges, Max Payne 3 stickers and two Max Payne 3 t-shirts. Sponsored by Rockstar Games.
  • 1x Prize pack B, containing: a print version of the comic book “After the Fall”, a bullet shaped key ring, a bullet shaped pen, U.F.E. stickers and badges, Max Payne 3 stickers and two Max Payne 3 t-shirts. Sponsored by Rockstar Games.
  • 2x Prize pack C, containing: a print version of the comic book “After the Fall”, a bullet shaped key ring, U.F.E. stickers and badges, Max Payne 3 stickers and a Max Payne 3 t-shirt.
  • 3x Prize pack D, containing: a bullet shaped key ring, a Max Payne 3 t-shirt, U.F.E. stickers and badges, Max Payne 3 stickers.
  • 1x Max Payne 3 t-shirt and a rare Max Payne 2 Pin set, sponsored by Remedy.
  • 1x Max Payne 3 t-shirt and rare Max Payne Themed Christmas cards, sponsored by Remedy.
  • 10x Max Payne 3 t-shirt, U.F.E. stickers and badges, Max Payne 3 stickers.

How to enter

To take part in the giveaway, simply comment on this post and tell us about your most cherished Max Payne memory. Commenting is free and does not require you to login or sign up. Posting multiple comments will not increase your chances of winning a prize. You’re not able to choose your prize. Be sure to fill in your name and email address for us to contact you!

Entry Period

The giveaway time period was started with this blogpost and expires on November 9 2014. Due to the recent server issues the giveaway period has been extended until November 10 2014.


Everybody is eligible to enter the giveaway. There are no requirements on age or country you’re from, unless law in your country tells you otherwise. Void where prohibited. Employees of Rockstar Games, Remedy Entertainment and PayneReactor staff are not eligible.

How the winners are chosen

The 15 winners will be chosen randomly on November 12. Winners will be contacted before the official announcement on You have exactly one week from the time that PayneReactor contacts you to get back to us and claim your prize with delivery instructions. After that time we will give your prize to someone else, and the memory of your lost prize will haunt you.

Technical Issues

In the event that the operation, security, or administration of the giveaway is impaired in any way for any reason, including, but not limited to fraud, virus, or other technical problem, PayneReactor may, in its sole discretion, either: (a) suspend the giveaway to address the impairment and then resume the giveaway in a manner that best conforms to the spirit of these rules; or (b) award the prize at random from among the eligible entries received up to the time of the impairment.

I’d like to thank everybody that was ever involved  making PayneReactor the renowed Max Payne fan site it is today. Yes I’m looking at you Kristian and Matt Lowden! Let’s not forget the modders, the fans, the followers, the readers, the visitors, Rockstar Games, Remedy, 3D Realms and Take2. But most importantly, thank YOU dear reader. What an awesome, awesome time it has been. Stay with us, for we have a few suprises in the future in store for you. Let us now raise our glass onto another 15 years of PayneReactor.


Watch Max Payne 1 & 2’s Graphic Novel Online

screen0022One of the most iconic elements of the Max Payne franchise has to be the graphic novel. With the use of the graphic novel, Remedy Entertainment was able refrain from developing costly in-game cinematics. The graphic novel styled story telling was a unique way of progressing the story and was used in the prequel title as well. In Max Payne 3, Rockstar Games was inspired by the graphic novel to create a unique way of presenting their in-game cinematics.

Nonetheless, with Max Payne 1 & 2 aging more every year, it becomes increasingly more difficult to run the games on modern computers. Luckily we have ports, and with the more capable web browsers around a fan has found a way to integrate the full graphic novel experience within. The site features both the graphic novel for Max Payne 1 and 2. Click here immediately to experience!

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