Guest Post: A story about PayneReactor, Max Payne & many friends.


Earlier this week I reached out to various members of the Max Payne community to take a look back on Max Payne 3 now that it has turned three years old. Today I received Kristian’s piece. Frequent visitors and old time fans might know that Kristian Brynie Hollund is PayneReactor’s founder. Kristian (also known as biXen) left PayneReactor in persuit of his career and other time consuming hobby’s. I still cherish he’s around for input from time to time. When the database goes tits up or unexplainable things happen, he’s always there to help me.

I had been working with Kristian on the site for years when we first met on the Max Payne 3 fan site trip. The moment we shook hands was truly surreal and without surprise we immediately got along. When I joined PayneReactor back in 2003 I was still very young and inexperienced with website administration. I feel honored to say, Kristian was a great mentor.

His history with the Max Payne community is far more richer than mine. And so his story is very interesting. What were his motivations to start a fan site about Max Payne? What does Max Payne mean to him? In this third guest post, he tries to explain it all.

A story about PayneReactor, Max Payne & many friends.

I’m not too big about writing about myself, but since it’s also about Max Payne and many of the friends I’ve gotten through the strange relationship with this game series I guess it’s gonna have to get done.

So…Max Payne….It’s just a game… Or three games + various ports and a semi-decent action movie. But just that though, right? No… For some of us it’s strangely quite a bit more.

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Guest Post: Max Payne 3 Write-Up.


Earlier this week I reached out to various members of the Max Payne community to take a look back on Max Payne 3 now that it has turned three years old. In this second Guest Post, MaxPayneFanpage (the popular Twitter account for all things Max Payne) also reminiscences about the anticipation towards Max Payne 3.

Again, feel free to start a discussion with MaxPayneFanpage in the comments below. Would you like to see your own guest post featured on PayneReactor? Then get in contact with me!

Max Payne 3 Write-Up

I’d been following the rumors online of a Max Payne 3 for a while, before the official announcement in 2009 showing the first glimpse of Max. I was pretty indifferent to the new look. I wanted to see more detailed images of Max, before making a judgement. There was also a teaser trailer (never confirmed by Rockstar whether real or fake) that was put on YouTube which I thought was cool and got me more excited for the game.

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Guest Post: The Three Year Anniversary.


Earlier this week I reached out to various members of the Max Payne community to take a look back on Max Payne 3 now that it has turned three years old. In this first Guest Post, long-time PayneReactor fan Ben Wilson shares his story. Feel free to reach out to Ben by commenting or follow him on Twitter. Would you like to see your own guest post featured on PayneReactor? Then get in contact with me!

Max Payne 3: The Three Year Anniversary

I am ashamed to admit it, that the third instalment of the Max Payne series had me doubting Rockstar Games. What did they really know about Max? Our Max? The one that Remedy had introduced us to, fleshed out, and torn apart all those years ago?

My attitude towards Max Payne 3 during its pre-release stage was strange. In limbo between melancholy and unbridled excitement, I didn’t truly know how to feel about the bald & bearded Max that we were shown. Sure, I was afraid of change. Then again, I remember the first concept art. It was Max’s face painted over the actor from the second game, Timothy Gibbs. Was he involved? Were Rockstar paying that much attention to Remedy’s back catalogue? These were the questions flying around my mind, maybe if they knew their source material well enough, we could expect to see a decent game at the end of it all.

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Max Payne 3’s third anniversary.


“Another dark rainy night, another police station, another futile crusade for amends. Time moves forward, and nothing changes.”

Time sure as hell flies, Max. In fact, today marks the third anniversary of Max Payne 3 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Originally planned for a release in winter 2009, the game was delayed several times before it would eventually find its way to our consoles on May 15 2012. During this article I take a look back at the three year long wait (or nine, depending on how you look at things) for a game cherished so much by many of us.

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Max Payne: Retribution in Pre-Production.


With Max Payne 3’s third anniversary just around the corner (tomorrow!), the Max Payne legacy continues to live on. Leroy Kincaide, talented film maker and director, recently introduced the world to his upcoming MAX PAYNE: Retribution fan film. Not much is known about the project since everything is kept under tight wraps. However, Kincaide revealed on Facebook that the project is currently in pre-production. The script is done and actors are being cast.

I reached out to Leroy if he was interested in doing an interview. That way I might be able to uncover some more information. He agreed and even provided us with a title teaser. Watch it below!

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – Review.


There was a short pause but Wesley continued: “Remember your cover – Commander Franz, Nazi bastard from the SS in Frankfurt.”. As we approached the checkpoint, Castle Wolfenstein loomed in the background. The structure was grotesque and deemed impenetrable, that’s why we had to go undercover. Wesley and I were admitted entry. Stupid Nazi scum. We were supposed to enter Castle Wolfenstein, get the folder containing the location to Deathhead’s compound and get out. “Okay, look. Your German? Frankly it’s atrocious. So no talking.” Wesley said. I grabbed my counterfeit papers, got out of the car and followed him towards the door. “Commander Franz. Aus Frankfurt. Guten morgen, gu-ten morgen…. Ah, fuck it.”. My German sucked donkey-balls. As soon as I would need to speak a few words, my cover would be blown.

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