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As big fan of narrative-driven videogames, Patrick Streutjens started writing news and articles for PayneReactor in 2003. He also has a career at Taiwanese computer manufacturer MSI as an International Marketing & Communication Officer.

A new Remedy Protagonist.

Control will introduce us to a new Remedy protagonist. Her name is Jesse Faden and the lovely actress Courtney Hope will portray her. Hope is no stranger to many in the Remedy community. She had an in…

Stone to release next week.

The gaming industry contains an enormous amount of talent. From veteran writers to highly skilled coders and artists. Game development nowadays requires a wide arrange of talent involved to become the…

Gamescom 2018: What the Golf?!

Minutes must have gone by while I was staring at the blinking cursor on my computer screen, waiting for me to type some fancy words that would become the introductory text for my What the Golf?! previ…