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As big fan of narrative-driven videogames, Patrick Streutjens started writing news and articles for PayneReactor in 2003. He also has a career at Taiwanese computer manufacturer MSI as an International Marketing & Communication Officer.

Interview with Petri Alanko.

For a very long time it has been a wish to interview one of the key figures behind the Alan Wake and Quantum Break games. During a random discussion via Twitter the moment finally revealed itself. I w…

Quantum Break.

I survived. It sure was a long day but I’ve made it. As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in my chair, enjoying some sweet, sweet whiskey. The liquid gold usually sends hot shivers through my body with ea…

Mad Max.

The Mad Max franchise has been around for a long time. Even longer then I myself have walked on earth. If you’re around my age, chances are high you might not have even heard of Mad Max before. The Ma…