Behind the scenes with Max Payne: Retribution.


In the utmost secrecy, PayneReactor has travelled to London to the set of Max Payne: Retribution, after being invited by producer Chloe Chudasama and writer/director Leroy Kincaide. I was granted the opportunity to witness firsthand how the talents of the incredible people involved in this project are combined.

While talking with Kincaide he revealed they’d shot the majority of the film now, with just the last two scenes to go in the next month. If the film will wrap soon this means a release somewhere this summer might be very likely. However, neither Kincaide or Chudasama were willing to confirm saying we’d know “soon!”.

It was great to meet with the cast and crew and while I’m not allowed to talk freely about the film yet, Chudasama was kind enough to grant me permission to take home some behind the scenes photos. Since photos say more than a thousand words, I’d like to show you them now. Feel free the share in the comments what you think!

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  • Damn, those pictures are stunning. A summer 2016 release sounds great, let’s hope they will announce a release date soon. I’ve been following the movie for a while now and the hype is almost killing me. Hopefully they will rightfully honor Max Payne in this movie. Keep up the good work!