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Max Payne: Retribution at MCM London Comic Con.

Today some of the cast and crew of Max Payne: Retribution made an appearance on the MCM London Comic Con to talk the upcoming fan film. On stage were Leroy Kincaide (writer/director and Jack Lupino), Nick Samuel (music composer) and John Campling (Curtis Draven, psychopathic enforcer of the main villain). The whole 20 minute video …

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Support Retribution on IndieGoGo.

The coming of the IndieGoGo campaign for Max Payne: Retribution was teased multiple times by writer/director Leroy Kincaide on twitter this week, but today it finally went live! The Retribution crew is in dire need of some funds in order to complete the film. Funds are needed for stuff like props, to hire various locations …

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With all this news appearing about Max Payne: Retribution one would easily forget that another Max Payne inspired fan film is due soon. Payne & Redemption is back in action as we reported a while ago and even the interview I promised with its writer and director, Fergle Gibson, is still being worked on. Be …

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Kathy Tong added to Retribution crew.

The Max Payne: Retribution crew announced yesterday that Kathy Tong has been added to the crew as a ‘’Payne Supporter”. Tong, as you might remember, was the actress that portrayed Mona Sax in Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. News quickly spread and many fans are wondering what her involvement in the fan …

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Payne is coming!

At PayneReactor we have a deep love for the Max Payne franchise and its community. As much as it’s a site that features games, I also want it to be a platform for the community to be able to show off art or upcoming projects. For this reason, I’ve supported the upcoming Max Payne: Retribution …

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