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Mad Max Payne.

What would happen if you’d mix up Mad Max’s universe with Max Payne’s? They already have a lot in common; both protagonists are cops, named Max and had their loved ones taken from them. Well, the guys from Zapruder Pictures (that’s right, the Remedy 20th anniversary contest winners) have done it again. Today they released …

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Nigel Billing is The Detective.

About a week ago PayneReactor had a little exclusive, Payne & Redemption is back! Now that Fergle Gibson is putting all his efforts towards an imminent release of the fan film, lots of new media will be released between now and then. Since Fergle has always been a bit secretive about the look of Nigel …

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Something strange happened the other week. Fergle Gibson, writer and director of Payne & Redemption – the highly anticipated Max Payne inspired fan film – announced a AMA-session about Payne & Redemption on his Twitter account. Why is this strange you say? For starters, Gibson’s Twitter account has not been updated since late 2012. Secondly, …

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Max Payne: Retribution Interview.

The world was recently introduced to Max Payne: Retribution, a new and upcoming Max Payne inspired fan film by Leroy Kincaide. However, apart from the fact that the project is currently in a pre-production stage, not much else was revealed. Luckily, Kincaide was kind enough to accept my invitation for an interview. We recently sat …

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Max Payne: Retribution in Pre-Production.

With Max Payne 3’s third anniversary just around the corner (tomorrow!), the Max Payne legacy continues to live on. Leroy Kincaide, talented film maker and director, recently introduced the world to his upcoming MAX PAYNE: Retribution fan film. Not much is known about the project since everything is kept under tight wraps. However, Kincaide revealed …

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