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Remedy’s #HoodieGate and Project 7.

As companies are ready to venture into 2017, a year of many uncertainties, it is now more important than ever to secure and protect your brand’s image, identity and assets. For Remedy, their assets (aka. the-most-talented-personnel-around), are an important cornerstone to protect. These people need to stay warm in the cold, harsh Finnish weather. They …

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Remedy holiday greeting 2015.

Over the course of several days Sam Lake, the creative director and writer of Quantum Break, has been teasing his Twitter followers with various tweets concerning a live-action Alan Wake Easter egg to appear in Quantum Break. Lake’s first tweet unveiled Remedy are shooting the footage and was soon followed by a second tweet containing …

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Vinnie Gognitti left me a voicemail message.

..and apparently he’s not satisfied with the layout of PayneReactor. Play the video below to listen to his message. A big thank you to Fred Berman, the voice actor of Vinnie Gognitti (Max Payne 1/2) and Barry Wheeler (Alan Wake), for providing the audio. Unless I want to start a war with the Italian mafia, …

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Mad Max Payne.

What would happen if you’d mix up Mad Max’s universe with Max Payne’s? They already have a lot in common; both protagonists are cops, named Max and had their loved ones taken from them. Well, the guys from Zapruder Pictures (that’s right, the Remedy 20th anniversary contest winners) have done it again. Today they released …

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Remedy 20th anniversary contest winner.

Back in June Remedy announced a competition celebrating Remedy’s 20th anniversary. In a video, Sam Lake asked fans to share their Remedy game memories and birthday greetings in video form. The winner of the competition will be flown over to Helsinki and are invited to join Remedy’s birthday party. And the winners are .. Guillermo …

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