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Q&A session with the crew of Retribution.

It was teased for a few weeks, but yesterday evening it really took place. The crew behind Max Payne: Retribution organized a live Q&A session with the help of Facebook’s live streaming function. Fans of the independent film project were tasked with sending in as much questions as possible. They were allowed to ask anything …

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Interview with Petri Alanko, Part 1.

For a very long time it has been a wish to interview one of the key figures behind the Alan Wake and Quantum Break games. During a random discussion via Twitter the moment finally revealed itself. I was given the opportunity to interview Petri Alanko, the composer of the soundtracks for the last few Remedy …

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A story about Payne, Redemption & Dedication.

Welcome to 2016. We’re living in a time where realizing our ideas is no longer a matter of budget, technology or time, but mere dedication. For example, making movies is hard. Nowadays films are enormous, risky, ventures to complete. Some scripts are deemed so risky they never get a chance to be turned into film. …

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The Sudden Stop interviews Chloe Chudasama.

Jaden Moretti (Editor of the Alan Wake fan site The Sudden Stop) recently had the pleasure of talking to Chloe Chudasama, the Producer and Stills Photographer of the upcoming film Max Payne: Retribution. The interview does not reveal thrilling new information, however, it does shed more light on some of the design choices the Retribution …

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HEALTH’s Death Magic is out on August 7.

For many gamers the Rockstar Games logo represents a seal of quality. Whenever that logo is printed on a box, gamers can blindly trust the product to be of top notch quality. Rockstar’s distinctive and creative development process never failed to surprise us. For example: When it was announced that the electro-punk band HEALTH would …

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