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Review: Renoir.

Imagine you’re playing Max Payne 2 in 2D and Black and White. Take away the hard-boiled slow motion action and replace it with mind-boggling puzzles. The result is Renoir, a noir puzzle adventure game developed by Black Wing Foundation and published by 1C Company. Renoir started out as a part time project by its original …

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Review: The Metronomicon.

I’m a gamer in heart and soul. As far as I can remember I’ve always been interested in videogames, videogame culture and the industry as a whole. For a year know I’ve been working for one of the biggest gaming hardware manufacturers in the world. As you can imagine, my friends and family usually have …

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Quantum Break out now on Steam and in stores!

Quantum Break has been released on Steam and in stores as physical release. To celebrate the occasion, Remedy was kind enough to hand out a steam code before general release so we could try the game ourselves. However, I decided to do something new. At least, new to me. I re-invigorated PayneReactor’s YouTube channel by …

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Review: Event [0].

You’re on board of the Nautilus, an experimental space vessel from the eighties. Your only chance of getting off this ship and back to Earth is to destroy the ship’s Singularity Drive. In space no one can hear you scr.. type! Are you familiar with text adventures? Games that only consist out of text? Usually …

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Remedy goes multiplayer.

Multiplayer is something Remedy has been toying with for years. Did you know? Originally Max Payne 2 was supposed to have a multiplayer component. However, due to time constraints and a lack of experience, it eventually turned into the Dead Man Walking mode. Because of the unique vision Remedy has on storytelling and cinematic action, many fans …

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