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Behind the scenes with Max Payne: Retribution.

In the utmost secrecy, PayneReactor has travelled to London to the set of Max Payne: Retribution, after being invited by producer Chloe Chudasama and writer/director Leroy Kincaide. I was granted the opportunity to witness firsthand how the talents of the incredible people involved in this project are combined. While talking with Kincaide he revealed they’d …

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Max Payne: Retribution character posters revealed.

The producers of Max Payne: Retribution have revealed all characters making an appearance in the fan film during the past week. I have collected all the character posters and combined them below for your viewing pleasure. Along with the look of the characters, all the actors have also been revealed: Joan James Muixi as Max …

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With all this news appearing about Max Payne: Retribution one would easily forget that another Max Payne inspired fan film is due soon. Payne & Redemption is back in action as we reported a while ago and even the interview I promised with its writer and director, Fergle Gibson, is still being worked on. Be …

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Nigel Billing is The Detective.

About a week ago PayneReactor had a little exclusive, Payne & Redemption is back! Now that Fergle Gibson is putting all his efforts towards an imminent release of the fan film, lots of new media will be released between now and then. Since Fergle has always been a bit secretive about the look of Nigel …

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Custom Made Max Payne Figurine by AnthonyZero

So, back in 2012 you’ve bought the Max Payne 3 Special Edition and received the official figurine. You thought it looked good but it could have been done better? Well AnthonyZero, we known from his fantastic Max Payne 3 Cosplay, did! Today he provided me some pictures of his latest pet project: a custom build …

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