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Guest Post: Quantum Break – An Adventure in Time.

Quantum Break, the new time-bending third person action game needs to live up to a legacy put in place by previous titles of developer Remedy; Max Payne (2001) and Alan Wake (2010). That’s going to be a huge challenge because those games set a standard in the third person action genre, one that has since …

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Quantum Break Xbox One giveaway!

Today’s April 4th and that means Quantum Break by Remedy Entertainment will be out tomorrow for Xbox One and Windows 10. Hooray! A few days ago reviews for the game were unleashed and the game is receiving critical acclaim so far. PayneReactor also gave the game a nearly perfect score, praising its fusion between Max Payne gunplay …

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Review: Quantum Break. It’s a (time) blast!

I survived. It sure was a long day but I’ve made it. As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in my chair, enjoying some sweet, sweet whiskey. The liquid gold usually sends hot shivers through my body with each sip I take, but I fear that place has now been taken by excitement. You see, a …

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Quantum Break launch trailer.

Less than 30 days, people! #QuantumHYPE!

The Quantum Break previews are here!

As teased by Remedy’s community manager (Lauri Haavisto) yesterday on the Remedy Community Forums, a lot of new Quantum Break information was revealed today! In fact, there was so much that it’s easy to miss out on something. In this article I’ll do my utmost best to provide you with all the latest ins and outs, …

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