Demon, prop and set design from the Max Payne movie.


Have you recovered from last night’s The Force Awakens premiere? Or are you planning on going somewhere later this week? It’s great fun, albeit a bit similar to A New Hope. Continuing on movies, last week I posted some rare storyboard art from the Max Payne movie from 2008 and promised more would follow.

This week I’m releasing artwork that focusses on the design of the demons (or Valkyries), props that were to be used and sets. Concept artists Rob McCallum and Chris Rosewarne collaborated on this joint effort to get the style right. When going through the gallery I’ve put together on the PayneReactor Facebook, you’ll get a nice overview of how these designs came together.

Rob McCallum said on the design of the demons:

“The whole idea was developed with Chris Rosewarne, the other artist on the film. He had developed a very scary and disturbing “blurry” Demon. The idea was that the Demon’s features and form would flash onto the bur of movement. I designed the Demon to be built in CG and the physical makeup for being processed in post.”

You want even more, right? I know. Next week’s post will focus on how the artists toyed around with various visual styles to decide the tone of the film, as well as providing concept art that would serve as a source of inspiration for the visual effects used in certain scenes.

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