Kathy Tong added to Retribution crew.

katymonaThe Max Payne: Retribution crew announced yesterday that Kathy Tong has been added to the crew as a ‘’Payne Supporter”. Tong, as you might remember, was the actress that portrayed Mona Sax in Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. News quickly spread and many fans are wondering what her involvement in the fan film would mean. Will she make an appearance as Mona Sax? We already know Mona will be featured in the film so Tongs involvement appears to be obvious. However, Tong stated:

From across the pond in LA I am so excited that there is a Max Payne Fan Film in the making! I am 100% committed to supporting your film, and hope I can make it over next year to meet the fans and maybe be a part of the film! Massive luck for the team!

Whether or not she’ll be a part of the film remains unknown for now. Nonetheless her endorsement should gain more fan interest.

It seems like Max Payne: Retribution and Payne & Redemption (which is also aims for a release in 2016) will soon be battling on which one becomes the most popular fan film.

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