The Max Payne 15th Anniversary – Round 2.


Fifteen years later, Max Payne still is a game many gamers remember. With big help from the (gaming) community and with some help of Remedy and Rockstar Games, we all made sure the 15th anniversary would not pass by unnoticed. It’s always heart touching to see so many people sharing the same passion, and in the case of PayneReactor, sharing some of their fondest memories with the game. We’ve seen gamers sharing all sorts of stuff, from artwork to funny stories, through the ‘MaxPayne15’ hashtag on Twitter. But as promised, the celebrations are not stopping yet! We’ve another cool giveaway lined up for you, sponsored by Rockstar Games. Take a look at the prize packages:

The Rockstar Games Max Payne 15th Anniversary Giveaway Packages

The Rockstar Games giveaway packages contain the following: A PayneReactor T-shirt, a “Max Payne 3” logo T-Shirt, a Rockstar Games logo T-shirt, Max Payne 3 themed stickers, U.F.E. badges and either a Max Payne 3 ashtray or flask (depending on which package you win). Both packages will randomly be given away to anyone who comments on this post before 11th August 18.00 EST. The winners will be announced on Monday 15th August. Good luck!

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  • Yan2295

    Well, this is sweet of you! :D

  • Zom-B

    This is so cool, good luck to all who enter!

  • Hubert Bejda

    Sweet! I’m in :D

  • halfer

    The anniversary was great, because my twitter feed was 80% Payne for about 4 days.
    Good luck to everybody!

  • Thomas A Babcock

    Max Payne is such a great franchise bringing my whole family together when I was younger and watching us beat it repeatedly. I remember the horror as a 5 year old not being able to put it down nor fathom the games story. To this day I don’t know how I kept coming back to it but I’m thankful I did. Max Payne has taught me to have no fear and how to appreciate great noir, I wish there was more games like this or even a Max Payne 4. Thank you too everyone who helped make this story become a game and a work of art forever/

    • Hi! Congratulations Thomas, you’ve randomly been selected as winner in this giveaway. Please send an email to webmaster(at)paynereactor(dot)com.

  • Mario2319

    This series is so much fun to play, I just bought the mobile version and now I have four copies of the original game. I feel like it never gets old, now they need to release Max Payne 2 on mobile.

  • Michael John Walters

    I’d love some Max Payne swag……..I love Max Payne 1&2 but the other media (the movie and game 3) i didnt really care for :/

  • Scotty

    Is this open world wide? I sure hope so, I’m in Australia so it would be a Payne if it wasn’t. ;)

  • matt brownbill

    loved this game… it was just pure epicness

  • Sayer09

    It was almost morning, waking up from the American Dream. We are willing
    to suffer, to die for the things we care about. For love, for the right
    choices, Because of her, I had solved the case. My case. All of it. Who
    I am. Is it worth it? Saying that it never is would be a lie. Sometimes
    you get lucky. Sometimes, something good comes out of it. Something you
    know you wouldn’t deserve in a million years. Something that gives you a
    reason to go on.

  • Rossrevis

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Burial1854

    Wonderful. I wish I could win this time!

  • Hamid Khashei

    Luck escapes anything with my name on it.

  • Abdul Rahman Mohammed

    There are some things in our lives we love, although it is not realistic. But our deep belief makes it a reality.

  • porosenok

    cheers! i here.
    Need more news (rumors) about maxpayne 4 for boost decision-making by R* company.

  • Logan A Hood

    “I don’t know about angels, but it’s fear that gives men wings.” – Max Payne

    “It was colder than the devil’s heart, raining ice pitchforks as if the heavens were ready to fall.” – Max Payne

    Will always remember those two lines… among so many others, they’re burned into my brain. Happy 15th Max.

  • Francesco Duran

    Forever Payne!

  • İpek Güler

    What an epic game, what a journey. Max Payne is pure childhood memories for me and it will always be a part of my life. Thank you guys for the wonderful giveaway!

    • Hi! Congratulations, you’ve randomly been selected as winner in this giveaway. Please send an email to webmaster(at)paynereactor(dot)com.