Quantum Break Game Awards trailer.

gameawardsqb-smallA new trailer for Quantum Break was released last night at the 2015 Game Awards. The trailer does not reveal anything new, but does contain some new footage. Quantum Break will release on April 5 2016. 122 days left people!

Alan Wake Easter egg in Quantum Break.

wake2At this moment in time it’s still unsure if Alan Wake 2 might be happening soon, but Remedy has strongly been hinting towards a return of the franchise in the past few weeks. Quantum Break, Remedy’s upcoming title, features live action TV show episodes. An innovation the developers have already been toying with in Alan Wake (the game featured live action content and each level was presented as an episode from a TV show). In a tweet Sam Lake unveiled they are shooting additional footage for a Alan Wake Easter egg in Quantum Break. Lake’s tweet contained a picture in which we see Alan Wake washed ashore.

Fans of Alan Wake might remember that the game’s protagonist is still trapped in Cauldron lake. “It’s not a lake, it’s an ocean!”. Could the tweet be symbolic for Wake’s imminent return? You’ve got to admit, it’s unusual for a developer to spoil an Easter egg this early, which probably means there’s something Lake’s not telling! Additional evidence for a return of the franchise can be found in the Game Informer coverage, where Lake (jokingly) confirmed it’s probable we’ll get to play Alan Wake 2… at least somewhere in the near future!

What do you think, is Alan Wake 2 happening?!

A wild Payne & Redemption still appears!

Untitled-1Just over a week ago, I took the twitters to inform you guys on some exclusive information after a very trusted source *cough, Fergle Gibson, cough* spilled the beans: The editing of Payne & Redemption would commence within a week! Exciting. With each passing day the project is moving forward baby steps and it seems like it is finally getting somewhere.

I must have been a sweet boy this year because Santa Clause decided to visit me a little early. I was treated with a new still of the film straight from the masters! That means the content below is a unedited screen capture right from the files Gibson is using to create his film. The content is exclusive to PayneReactor for now, as are other upcoming surprises! I don’t need to remind you to keep watching this space, do I? ;)

tnfs2JG5_3_smallClick the image for a 1080p version! The image is property of the writer / director of the film, Fergle Gibson.

Uncovering secrets from the Remedy warehouse.

rem-whWhile Quantum Break is the pinnacle of Game Informer’s December cover story, the articles they’ve written are not solely focused on the game. Much more are they about the game’s development studio, Remedy Entertainment, and the creative process behind game development.

As an outsider, we rarely get to know about any of that. Of course, during the years we have seen Remedy’s games evolve graphically, experienced more intense storytelling and we’ve been there when their games were announced or went gold. But for a developer the process of game development doesn’t end as soon as a title is ready to ship. It’s an ongoing process that’s likely never to end as long as a studio is in business. As you may understand, this means the studio’s history becomes richer with each game they start working on.

Saku shows off the photos used to concieve the graphic novels in Max Payne.

These development kits used for Max Payne are one of many stored relics.

It’s not often that a studio talks openly about this process, let alone show any relics they once used. Rarely we get to see on the inside. While visiting Finland, Game Informer got a sneak peek of what Remedy calls their “development warehouse”, where relics and also various other gems are stored for safe keeping and later use.

It was art director Saku Lehtinen’s pleasure to show the Game Informer crew around in this warehouse. Together they dug up items like research photographs used for the graphic novels in Max Payne and wardrobe items from Alan Wake 1 & 2. Perhaps you can recall PayneReactor even gave away some items from this warehouse in the past!

The video (Click here to watch it) is a must see for every Max Payne fan. Thomas Puha, Head of PR at Remedy, was kind enough to notify me himself through Twitter about this awesome video. Thanks a lot guys, for your openness towards fans and for taking us with you on this incredible journey!

Vinnie Gognitti left me a voicemail message.

vinnie..and apparently he’s not satisfied with the layout of PayneReactor. Play the video below to listen to his message. A big thank you to Fred Berman, the voice actor of Vinnie Gognitti (Max Payne 1/2) and Barry Wheeler (Alan Wake), for providing the audio. Unless I want to start a war with the Italian mafia, I guess I’d better follow through with his advice.

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