Fan art contest!


Recently I showed to the world through our Twitter and Facebook accounts a new piece of fan created Max Payne 3 artwork, exclusively for PayneReactor. The artwork was made by Carlo and received a lot of positive comments. Some of you even offered to do some artwork for PayneReactor as well. That gave me an idea. It’s contest time! Now, I know it can take a lot of effort and time to create a decent piece of art, so I arranged a hell of a prize to thank you for it:

  • One PlayStation 4 with custom red vinyl sticker and PayneReactor logo.
  • Outfitted with a 1000 GB Hard Drive.
  • Two Red Dual Shock 4 controllers, so you and a friend can fight out that feud.
  • A copy of Grand Theft Auto V to play with.

Would you like to face off in the contest? Click Read More for further details.

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Seth’s Gold: Behind the Scenes video.


By now, it should be of no surprise anymore that I really liked the fan film Red Dead Redemption: Seth’s Gold. A few days ago Zapruder Pictures offered fans a chance to ask them various questions which they would answer in a making of video. PayneReactor submitted two questions which the creators both answer. The questions I submitted were:

  • How did you time out and create the slow motion Mexican stand off?
  • How did the casting process go? Where did you find these guys?

Furthermore, the video gives an extensive inside look in how the film was made and put together. The language in the behind the scenes video is mostly Spanish, so don’t forget to turn on the subtitles in YouTube.

To watch the behind the scenes video, click the read more button. Again, I’d like to thank Zapruder Pictures for their awesome work. I’m eager to see what’s next.

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Interview with Remedy. Part 2: Lauri Haavisto.


Welcome back for the second part of my interview with Remedy Entertainment. As you might Remember, 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of Remedy. 2015 is also the year their next blockbuster title “Quantum Break” will be released exclusively for Xbox One. All these occasions led me to contact Remedy for an interview. Just a few days after Gamescom back in August 2014 I managed to rob Lauri Haavisto a few minutes of his time to answer some of my questions.

Haavisto is working as Remedy’s Online Marketing and Community Manager for nearly three years. Some of you might already know Lauri from the Remedy Community forums. The subject of the interview is a bit more personal this time. What makes a successful video game designer and how do you balance work and your personal life? Click the read more button to find out!

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New GTA V PC screenshots.

gtasmall1Fresh from the oven! Rockstar Games have just released some new screenshots of the PC Version of Grand Theft Auto V. In addition, Rockstar also promised to release a new trailer in the near future consisting of PC footage only. Below (click read more) I’ve made a selection of the screenshots that impressed me the most, but if you’d like to view them all click here. The screenshots are in 4K resolution, so loading them could take some time. There’s so much detail in these screenshots, they make me wonder what GTA VI will look like *drool*..

Yesterday I finished the main campaign of GTA V for a third time. I’m really enjoying this game on PlayStation 4. Like GTA IV, it’s my aim to 100% this baby but since the game is packed with content it’s going to take a looong while.

GTA V for PC and digital download will be available April 14th.

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Seth’s Gold has been released!


Let me be frank for one second partner, I love this fan film! Today’s the 17th of February and that means Red Dead Redemption: Seth’s Gold has been released. I’d like to congratulate Zapruder Pictures with the release of the film. If you’ve been following these guys on Twitter or Facebook you’d know how much effort these guys have put in this project. Before you start watching it by clicking either the read more button or the banner on the top of this page, let me explain to you why this movie does so much right. Hollywood, you listening? Please take notice. Seth’s Gold is not just based on the game it was inspired by. Instead, the creators actually picked key scenes of the game, acted them out and filmed them. It features look-a-like actors with voices similar to the game’s and original composed music (a tad different and yet familiar sounding). The production values on this for a fan film, the amounts of detail you’ll see on screen, it’s insane. Last but not least, it also features a particular game mechanic in which time slows down. Go watch it. NOW!

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