The Max Payne 15th Anniversary recap.


The last few days I was enjoying a much needed holiday. Apart from my job, the PayneReactor redesign and preparations for GamesCom 2016 take up much of my time. Nevertheless I found some spare time to travel and relax. Timing couldn’t be worse, as the Max Payne 15th Anniversary was celebrated during the same time. As a result, I was unable to share with you some of the highlights the community has shared with the world recently. So allow me to set things straight with this recap.

Max Payne Retribution teaser trailer.

After the wrapping of Max Payne Retribution it was anticipated a trailer would be released soon. On the day of the Max Payne 15th Anniversary, the team behind the fan film released a teaser trailer to give Max Payne fans a glimpse of what to expect. You can view the trailer below. Soon after the release of the teaser, the team also revealed the film’s poster. Bear in mind, if you were a backer of their Indiegogo campaign, this could be yours soon, as copies are already being printed.

Ready for more?

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The Max Payne 15th Anniversary.


Just a few days ago, members from the Max Payne community contacted me through Twitter, asking me what I was planning to do to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Max Payne. I have to admit that I felt quite ashamed not realizing the anniversary was imminent. Unlike to Max, time has never been moving slow to most of us. Completely flabbergasted, I’ve spent a few minutes idly staring to my monitor in front of me. My jaw slowly dropped to the floor. Then it hit me. Fifteen years have passed since the first game came out. Fifteen! I still remember very vividly how I visited friends after school to play this amazing game. It’s probably one of the sharpest memories I have from that time.

After a long development cycle and a complete overhaul of the game’s graphics, Max Payne hit store shelves on July 23rd 2001. The game was critically acclaimed and would continue to become one of the bestselling shooters of all time. It has been ported to various game consoles (PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameBoy Advance) and platforms, most recently on the PlayStation 4.

When contacting Remedy about the occasion, the company stated:

23rd of July is a great as its the day Max Payne was released 15 years ago. All of us at Remedy Entertainment are grateful for the passion the video game community has shown towards Max Payne and the enduring the love the franchise is still getting. Pain to the Max!

In addition, Rockstar Games also had a few words to share:

While we haven’t announced any plans to do anything in support of the 15th anniversary of Max Payne, we certainly appreciate everything the community has done over the years and we’re looking forward to seeing what fans will come up with to celebrate the anniversary later this week. 

Along with the help of Rockstar Games and Remedy, PayneReactor would like to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Max Payne together with YOU. We’re organizing a huge giveaway that will consist out of two rounds. In the first round fans of the franchise are able to win a prize package sponsored by Remedy. In the second round we’ll be giving away a package sponsored by – you guessed it – Rockstar Games. Without further ado, let’s continue with the details about the first round!

The Remedy Max Payne 15th Anniversary Giveaway Package

The Remedy giveaway package contains the following: a sealed edition of Max Payne for PlayStation 2 – signed by various developers who’ve worked on the first game, a Remedy t-shirt and sweater, a Remedy baseball cap and last but not least the very unique – and highly sought after – Max Payne mousepad!

So what do you have to do to make sure this package can be yours? It’s simple, really. Share your fondest memories about Max Payne on Twitter and use the hashtag #MaxPayne15. Other community members will join in on the fun (The Sudden Stop, ComunidadRemedy, PayneToTheMax and the cast and crew from Max Payne: Retribution)  PayneReactor will randomly select a winner from all entries and make sure he/she will get the prize package! The first round will start on the 23rd of July, 2016 and will last until the 30th of July. The winner will be announced in an update of this post on August 1. No Payne, no gain! More details on the second giveaway will be revealed later next month.

01/08/2016 Update: Congratulations to Mr XBob (Neil Smith) on winning the first round! The Remedy prize package is coming your way.

The Future of PayneReactor.


When reading the post title one would be thinking a Late Goodbye would be imminent. Don’t worry, no such thing is happening any time soon. Rather the opposite actually. Ever since I’ve took over the mantle from Kristian, I’ve constantly been looking for ways to improve the website and the way I present you my content. In the few years that have passed since, we’ve come a very long way. Check the image below for an example.


But I’m not stopping there. After the release of Max Payne 3, PayneReactor was already focusing much more on editorials, unique content and more story rich games. I’d like to continue that trend (also after knowing Remedy – a company we hugely support – will be coming with a few new IPs) and in order to do so, the current lay out needs to be improved. I might have the skills to radically alter a design, creating one from the ground up is something else though. So I enlisted the help of a few professionals  and currently we’re at a stage where we nailed down the general look, feel and lay out of the all new PayneReactor. Fully supporting mobile devices, a much needed feature the website currently lacks. Much more will be revealed in the coming days, so despite the lack of content updates lately, we hope you’ll stick with us.

Right at the top of this post is an teaser image revealing the site’s new logo. A familiar look, yet more streamlined to underlining its evolution and new direction. Change is coming!

Retribution has wrapped!


Last week writer and director Leroy Kincaide, hard at work on his Max Payne inspired fan film “Max Payne: Retribution”, officially announced the team wrapped up filming duties. This means the post-processing phase now commences. Usually when a movie is in post-processing a trailer is just around the corner. When asked if a trailer would release in the coming weeks, Kincaide commented ‘’Soon, but not just yet!”. Whether or not we might see a trailer soon, the film is still on schedule to release near the end of this year (rumor has it, October / November).

Interview with Petri Alanko, Part 1.


For a very long time it has been a wish to interview one of the key figures behind the Alan Wake and Quantum Break games. During a random discussion via Twitter the moment finally revealed itself. I was given the opportunity to interview Petri Alanko, the composer of the soundtracks for the last few Remedy games. Another life goal achieved! Alanko is a great guy with a very good sense for the Remedy community. Without a doubt, he agreed to answer my plethora of questions. In fact, I had so many questions, we decided to divide the interview in to three parts. The first part, the one you’ll be reading today, will focus on Alanko himself. The latter parts will focus on his work for Alan Wake and Quantum Break. I know, I know you can’t wait to read it all. So without further ado, let’s begin with the first part!

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