Remedy: Two new games, but no Alan Wake.


Not too long ago, PayneReactor reported on a rumor that Remedy had already been working on a new AAA game project. A lot of community members started to speculate about the return of Alan Wake as the developer increasingly started to reference to the game via interviews or Easter eggs. Today, more details about Remedy’s future plans were revealed by Thomas Puha in an open letter to the community.

While no sequel to Alan Wake is in active development, the team is looking into other ways of bringing back the franchise (like comics or TV episodes). This means the new game project will be a whole new IP! However, the big surprise of Puha’s message is that Remedy now has a second game development team that also started work on a new AAA game. Exciting! I think I can accept two new Remedy experiences for the price of one Alan Wake (for now, don’t you dare to forget about it Remedy!). The unannounced projects are still months off from being revealed and so the company warned their fans not to expect anything at E3 or Gamescom soon.

What do you think these unannounced projects will be based on? Any idea or wish? You can read Thomas Puha’s letter here. Thanks to K100 for the heads up!

Review: The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine DLC.


Hmm – finally some time to sit down and write about what might easily be one of my most favorite games of this generation. As a huge fan of the genre (you might recall Dragon Age: Inquisition was my Game of the Year in 2014) I have played my fair share of RPGs. That being said I have to admit that The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt has been an experience like no other. I’ve literally lost hundreds of hours roaming around in the astonishing world of The Continent and I truly regret I’ve never found the proper time to write a review of the ‘standalone’ game. However, with the release of the latest downloadable content, titled Blood & Wine, this already magnificent game became so much greater, I just had to tell you about it!

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Review: Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End.


The Uncharted series has become one of the strongest arguments for PlayStation gamers to defend their console of choice. As of today, the franchise developed by Naughty Dog is exclusive to the PlayStation platform and in the meantime has become one of the most acclaimed game franchises in history. For a good reason. The latest and presumed last addition to the series, named Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, is nothing less than any game that has come before it. That being said, the question is: is it any better?

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Max Payne PS4 & Unannounced Remedy project.


The official European PlayStation Blog confirmed the long rumored re-release of Max Payne for PlayStation 4. Basically, it’s an emulated port of the game’s PlayStation 2 version. The listing doesn’t go into any details on Max Payne’s new incarnation. But if it’s like the other emulated PS2 titles to hit PS4, you can expect a significantly improved display resolution, clearer textures, and hopefully even full Trophy support.

In other news; while Quantum Break might have just seen the light of day, IGN discovered Remedy Entertainment has been working on a new project. For nine months already. This project is expected by many to be the sequel to 2010’s Alan Wake, but as long as Remedy keeps their lips sealed we will be none the wiser. What do you hope / think this will be?

04/25/2016 Update: Max Payne currently costs $6 in the US PlayStation store due to a promotion $14,99 in the US PS Store and €14,99 in the EU PS Store. For the full thropy list, click here, sadly there’s no platinum thropy to collect.

Help preserve the Max Payne mods!


Just a few days ago the once oh-so-popular file sharing website GameFront announced it will be closing down its doors – permanently – on April 30, 2016. Like ModDB, GameFront once was one of the leading websites for mods and game patches. However since many modern games no longer support modding (due to the multiplayer components) and patches no longer require manual installation, GameFront’s popularity declined leading to its closure.

Unbeknownst to many, GameFront actually has the largest library of Max Payne 1/2 mods. Its closure will be the last nail in the coffin for many of these. In an effort to save the modding legacy, I’m requesting the help of the community. Please help by downloading your favorite mods and upload them to ModDB (click the link to read instructions) or alternatively; post a comment about the mod which absolutely needs saving and I’ll see to it! Thank you for your time. Click here for a complete list of the Max Payne files at GameFront.

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