Part Man, Part Machine. 100% Flawed Bodyguard.

pmpm-smallHave you seen the trailer for the soon to be released, Kickstarter funded movie, Kung Fury? The team behind Kung Fury, Laser Unicorns, recently released a music video with David Hasselhoff that went viral. The movie is inspired by 80’s retro old cop movies. Yeah that’s right, VHS quality, over the top action, cheesy one-liners and a drumbeat/synth soundtrack. Awesome!

There’s actually a whole music scene going on driven by the 80’s retro style. Various artists like Lazerhawk, Power Glove and Mega Drive are bringing back the classic 80’s synthesizer tunes in the modern age. If you like the atmosphere of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (or Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon more recently), this definitely might be your cup of tea. I myself stumbled upon this scene after looking for variations of the Panama theme by Health, which also relies on 80’s synthesizers.

That made me wonder what a 80’s style would be like applied to Max Payne 3. I started photoshopping. You can watch my effort after clicking the read more button!


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