Payne is coming!

payneiscomingAt PayneReactor we have a deep love for the Max Payne franchise and its community. As much as it’s a site that features games, I also want it to be a platform for the community to be able to show off art or upcoming projects. For this reason, I’ve supported the upcoming Max Payne: Retribution from the get-go. It’s actually quite the honor to support fans like Leroy Kincaide and his team to keep the Max Payne franchise alive. With Max Payne: Retribution it seems the community will receive one hell of a homage in the form of a fan film. One that is trying to surpass the Hollywood production in every way. From this day onward, PayneReactor is an “Official Payne Supporter”. What does this mean for you? Simply put, PayneReactor is THE place to be if you’re looking for coverage or information about Max Payne: Retribution.

So let’s not waste any time. The production on Retribution is progressing steadily. Kincaide almost assembled his team and shooting is due soon. That also means the team is ready to spill more details: On September 26, a new teaser trailer will release that focusses on a major character in the film, namely Jack Lupino.

When the trailer releases, I’ll update this post. So stay frosty! In the meanwhile, read my interview with Leroy Kincaide for more info on the film.

Update 09/26/15: The trailer has been released! Watch it below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • I’m the biggest Payne fan & also a supporter of Max Payne: Retribution the day since it originated. I’ve Payne’s all games & I play them one-by-one. Till today, I’ve completed Max Payne 1: 26 times (27th pursuing), Max Payne 2: 13 times (14th pursuing) & Max Payne 3: 3 times (4th pursuing). Along-with being Payne’s biggest fan, I’m also an UxDesigner and next month I’ll be making Cover for Max Payne: Retribution (It’s unofficial). Looking forward for further news & trailers.

    • Wow! Impressive statistics. Thanks for commenting on this post, feel free to send me your art when done. I’ll feature it right here on PayneReactor (webmaster@paynereactor.com)! The trailer for Max Payne: Retribution will go live later today and I’m pretty excited!

      • Thanks! Well…. I’m in the air, like I’m starring the movie and the trailer!