Poll Results: January 2014

After introducing a Poll-system for readers to vote an answer to dilemma questions earlier this month, I hereby present you the results of the very first Poll. This first poll ran for the entire month of January, 2014. The question featured was: “What is your console of choice?” Readers could choose between A) “Playstation 4”, B) “Xbox One” and C) “Wii U”.

Eleven votes were cast. 91% of the votes were in favor of “Playstation 4” and just one vote was cast on “Xbox One”. No one voted for “Wii U”. I guess that explains why no one has a Wii U. Bixen (who voted for Xbox One), it seems you’re alone out there… At least for now!

Also, announcing the new poll that will run this February: “Which Max Payne game is your favorite?” Vote now on your answer in the Poll section on the right of this screen!

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  • K100

    It’s hard to choose an answer for this poll.

    I love all games equally.

    For me, MP1 have the best atmosphere.
    MP2 the best story.
    MP3 the best graphics (duh) and gameplay.

    I have chosen MP3, it’s the more fun to play.

  • Good motivation K100. This should be a difficult question for all of us fans, that’s why I came up with it! Haha. For some reason I really fell in love with Max Payne 3. I voted that one.