The Quantum Break previews are here!

quantum-break-headerAs teased by Remedy’s community manager (Lauri Haavisto) yesterday on the Remedy Community Forums, a lot of new Quantum Break information was revealed today! In fact, there was so much that it’s easy to miss out on something. In this article I’ll do my utmost best to provide you with all the latest ins and outs, so you’ll be up to date in no time. Let us commence!

Quantum Break has been confirmed for Windows 10.

PC gamers rejoice, for Quantum Break has been confirmed to release on Windows 10. It launches simultaneously with the Xbox One version on April 5th and is included as a bonus item for Xbox One pre-orders. While this might mean the game is no longer an Xbox One exclusive, a much wider audience will now be able to experience the game. Which, you know, might be very beneficial for a sequel to happen!

Along with the announcement of a PC version, Remedy also released the PC requirements. The requirements are quite demanding, but keep in mind that you’re getting one hell of a visual experience in return if you’re able to match them. You can find the requirements in the table below. I was crazy enough to buy an Xbox One just for Quantum Break and looking at the requirements I’m lucky I did. My PC would’t have liked this..

pc-spec-3A new trailer called “The Cemetery” was released..

There’s a lot I could say about this new trailer. For example, how it mostly consist of scenes from the TV show featured in the game. But don’t take my word for it, feel inclined to watch it yourself. Here it is:

.. and not to forget, a handful of new screenshots!

Beth Wilder at point blank range, Jack Joyce (played by the talented actor Shawn Ashmore) using his time bending powers, relentless “Striker” enemies taking a beating and visually stunning face close-ups. All here for your viewing pleasure.

A new Xbox One bundle was revealed. Alan Wake now backwards compatible.

If you’re looking for a great way to experience Quantum Break but are let down by the PC requirements, now is the time to buy an Xbox One. Along with the game, a new Xbox One bundle will be available for purchase. The bundle features the game (of course), but also a limited edition white colored version of the Xbox One console. Added in as a bonus, buyers will receive Alan Wake (along with the two story DLC packages), that can now be played on Xbox One as it has been made backwards compatible! But wait, there’s even more, pre-order Quantum Break through the Xbox One Store and in addition to the bonusses already mentioned, American Nightmare will also be free of charge. NICE!


 Last but not least, hands on previews are releasing!

At this moment of writing it will take another 50 days before we can finally get our hands on the game. Be that as it may, around 40 lucky game journalist from across the globe recently visited Remedy’s HQ for a hands-on play session of Quantum Break. The game already received critical acclaim from journalists, praising its gameplay, visual style and TV show addition. Interviews with Remedy staff and Preview articles will be released over the next few days now the embargo has been lifted.

Here’s a video of GamesRadar in which they show a lot of new gameplay (and the final HUD!) while providing you with useful information about the game and their hands-on experience. They call the game “A really good new Max Payne game with extra time powers.”. What they actually mean is the game has that Remedy ‘seal of quality’. It redefines interactive cinematic action experience.

Here’s a full list of articles released so far:

Quantum Break interview, PC release date and new trailer @ Telegraph.co.uk.

Quantum Break is a shooter with brains @ IGN.com.

Quantum Break: Games meet TV in the year’s most experimental blockbuster @ theguardian.com.

Quantum Break Looks Like the Superhero Gaming Surprise of 2016 @ Vice.com.

Killing Time in Quantum Break @ Gamespot.com.

Quantum Break Interview: “It’s the most ambitous game we’ve worked on.” @ Gamespot.com.

So there you have it, everything Quantum Break released today. Are you still reading? Good, that means you’re probably just as excited as I am. Time is power, and it’s almost ours to use!

02/14/2016 Update: Added more previews / interviews for your reading pleasure!

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