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About Quantum Break.

Quantum Break is an upcoming action-adventure third-person shooter game developed by Remedy Entertainment. The game was first revealed with a teaser during the Xbox One reveal on 21 May 2013. Initially, the game was scheduled for release in 2014 but was subsequently delayed until 2015. Then it was further delayed to 2016 for the Finnish game studio to have more time executing some final polishing of the game.

Remedy Entertainment (known from game titles such as Max Payne and Alan Wake) created a brand new engine to power Quantum Break called the “Northlight Engine’. The game, previously set to release exclusively for Xbox One, will release simultaneously both on the XBox One and Windows 10 on April 5th 2016.

Quantum Break is a game that blurs the line between television and gaming.

Quantum Break is a game that blurs the line between television and gaming: A unique element the game brings to the table is the addition of a TV Show. After playing through a segment of the game an episode of the digital show plays. The video game portion will tell the story of the protagonists while the TV show will tell the story of the antagonists. The player can make choices as the antagonist (known as “junction points”) that will influence the overall story of the game.


Set in the fictional east coast university town Riverport, a failed time travel experiment goes horribly wrong. As a result time itself begins to break down causing a multitude of anomalies to occur all over Riverport. Quantum Break’s main characters, Jack Joyce, Beth Wilder and Jack’s best friend Paul Serene, are caught in the blast of the failed time travel experiment, giving them certain time manipulation powers. Paul Serene ends up disappearing into the time machine, but soon after he returns 17 years older and head of villainous corporation Monarch Solutions. Jack, fighting to stop the breakdown of time, becomes an obstacle in Paul’s treacherous plans resulting in “best friends turned mortal enemies”.

Shawn Ashmore as Jack Joyce

Aiden Littlef… Gillen as Paul Serene.


Viewing the television show portion of the Quantum Break is entirely optional, though watching the show gives you strategies and insights that will impact the way you play the game and helps you discover unique content within the game. How you play the game shapes a personalized version of the television show. Each episode of the show will be 22 minutes in length.


The player takes control of Jack Joyce, a person with time-manipulating powers in a world where time stutters and is starting to break down. Players can use a variety of firearms, as well as their time powers to defeat enemies in the game. For example, Joyce can stop time temporarily, allowing him to escape from attacks or freeze enemies, The game’s is heavily influenced by Max Payne’s gun play. However, unlike their past games, Quantum Break features a dynamic cover system, a first for a Remedy game.

The following video will give you a good overview of how the game will play:

Minimum PC System Requirements

● Intel Core i5-4460, 2.7 Ghz or AMD FX-6300
● Nvidia Geforce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R7 260x
● DirectX 12
● OS: Windows 10 (64 Bit)

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