Remedy teases new game reveal.

Remedy Entertainment appears to be ready to show the world one of their unannounced new game projects. The company behind the critically acclaimed game titles Quantum Break & Alan Wake released a small video via through its Twitter profile that announces a new game trailer is due soon. The short announcement trailer does not yet reveal what game the trailer will be about.

Remedy already announced it is working on multiple projects at the same time and is planning to release games on a faster pace. One of the project they are working on is the single player of Crossfire 2. Because this was already announced openly weeks ago, I think the upcoming trailer will be about an entirely new franchise. Excitement and expectations are pretty high, within minutes the video was already seen by thousands of gamers and most of them voiced their enthusiasm. The announcement comes right in time for the yearly Games Awards Gala. Expect the trailer to be shown here. If the story develops, we’ll let you know!

18/11/2016 Update: Too bad. No such thing as a new game reveal. Today, Remedy released a showreel containing footage of bugs and pre-production challenges of Quantum Break in order to enthuse people to join their company. Well played!

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