Remedy’s #HoodieGate and Project 7.

As companies are ready to venture into 2017, a year of many uncertainties, it is now more important than ever to secure and protect your brand’s image, identity and assets. For Remedy, their assets (aka. the-most-talented-personnel-around), are an important cornerstone to protect. These people need to stay warm in the cold, harsh Finnish weather. They need to be able to zone out from time to time to work in an isolated environment. And last but not least, they have the urge to identify themselves with the company they work for. It is for these reasons, Remedy has put in a lot of effort in designing and testing their new company hoodie. Thomas Puha, Head of Communications, will tell you more about the new company hoodie in the video below.

The only way to get your hands on the new Remedy hoodie is to join the company. It will be part of your standard developer issued starter pack. There’s no better time to enlist for the Remedy developer army then now, because the developers need help on their unannounced game, codenamed “Project 7”.

The name is based on the fact that P7 will be the seventh Remedy game to see the light of day. In a recent interview with Mr. Puha on Polygon, the codename was revealed along with the fact that the new game will revolve around “co-op play” in a world where stories can “happen”. What these hints all mean is still not clear. Hopefully 2017 will reveal us more about this mysterious new “Project 7”.