Seth’s Gold has been released!


Let me be frank for one second partner, I love this fan film! Today’s the 17th of February and that means Red Dead Redemption: Seth’s Gold has been released. I’d like to congratulate Zapruder Pictures with the release of the film. If you’ve been following these guys on Twitter or Facebook you’d know how much effort these guys have put in this project. Before you start watching it by clicking either the read more button or the banner on the top of this page, let me explain to you why this movie does so much right. Hollywood, you listening? Please take notice. Seth’s Gold is not just based on the game it was inspired by. Instead, the creators actually picked key scenes of the game, acted them out and filmed them. It features look-a-like actors with voices similar to the game’s and original composed music (a tad different and yet familiar sounding). The production values on this for a fan film, the amounts of detail you’ll see on screen, it’s insane. Last but not least, it also features a particular game mechanic in which time slows down. Go watch it. NOW!


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