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The Quantum Break previews are here!

As teased by Remedy’s community manager (Lauri Haavisto) yesterday on the Remedy Community Forums, a lot of new Quantum Break information was revealed today! In fact, there was so much that it’s easy to miss out on something. In this article I’ll do my utmost best to provide you with all the latest ins and outs, …

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A wild Payne & Redemption still appears!


Just over a week ago, I took the twitters to inform you guys on some exclusive information after a very trusted source *cough, Fergle Gibson, cough* spilled the beans: The editing of Payne & Redemption would commence within a week! Exciting. With each passing day the project is moving forward baby steps and it seems …

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Dragon Age: Inquisition, Jaws of Hakkon DLC.

A new update for Dragon Age: Inquisition (my favorite game of 2014) was released today. The patch improves overall game stability, fixes bugs and more. Along with the release of the patch a few new achievements were added to the Xbox One version of the game, spoiling a soon to arrive downloadable content package. BioWare …

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New GTA V PC screenshots.

Fresh from the oven! Rockstar Games have just released some new screenshots of the PC Version of Grand Theft Auto V. In addition, Rockstar also promised to release a new trailer in the near future consisting of PC footage only. Below (click read more) I’ve made a selection of the screenshots that impressed me the …

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Interview with Remedy. Part 1: Matias Myllyrinne.

August 2014. A few days after Gamescom. Remedy showed real-time gameplay footage of Quantum Break to the world the very first time. It was one of the center pieces of the show and had people talking about it for days. Absolutely stunning. 2015 is the year Quantum Break will release but it also marks the …

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