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Quantum Break Xbox One giveaway!

Today’s April 4th and that means Quantum Break by Remedy Entertainment will be out tomorrow for Xbox One and Windows 10. Hooray! A few days ago reviews for the game were unleashed and the game is receiving critical acclaim so far. PayneReactor also gave the game a nearly perfect score, praising its fusion between Max Payne gunplay …

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Review: Quantum Break. It’s a (time) blast!

I survived. It sure was a long day but I’ve made it. As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in my chair, enjoying some sweet, sweet whiskey. The liquid gold usually sends hot shivers through my body with each sip I take, but I fear that place has now been taken by excitement. You see, a …

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Quantum Break Villains trailer.

A new trailer for Quantum Break was released just minutes ago. This time its focussing on the vilains. Paul Serene can see the future. Jack Joyce can manipulate time. But will either man’s power be enough to save the future? Watch the live action trailer and get ready! Just 6 days left.

The Quantum Break Soundtrack.

With the release of Quantum Break imminent, new bits and pieces about the game are being revealed every day. Today GameSpot has the scoop on revealing the Quantum Break soundtrack. Along with an interview with its creator, Petri Alanko (who also was responsible for the Alan Wake soundtrack), nine tracks of the official soundtrack were released …

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Quantum Break has gone gold!

Quantum Break has gone gold! This was announced just a few hours ago by Sam Lake on Twitter. When a game goes gold that generally means active development on the game is finished. In other words, the game is ready to be printed on disc so that it can be shipped to stores not long …

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