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Alan Wake Remastered finally announced!

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  1. Johan_XVII says:


  2. Jasper Clerx says:

    Alan Wake has always been one of my favourite games. Can’t wait to be able to play it on my own console this time!! Excited to see what else Remedy has in store for us.

  3. Jorge Wolters Gregório says:

    Great news Patrick and I’ll bet part 2 is finally in the works at Remedy. Curious to see how the Control and Alan Wake storylines meet in the future…
    Alan Wake on PlayStation; I almost can’t believe it. Why did it take so long 😅
    Let’s go!

  4. Kevin van dongen says:

    Finally Alan Wake on PlayStation! Have played the game on the 360 and was afraid I needed to invest in a series X solely for Alan Wake. Can’t wait to see a trailer and get a release date. Thanks for the read!

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