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As big fan of narrative-driven videogames, Patrick Streutjens started writing news and articles for PayneReactor in 2003.

Vinnie Gognitti left us a voicemail.

..and apparently he’s not satisfied with the layout of PayneReactor. Play the video below to listen to his message. A big thank you to Fred Berman, the voice actor of Vinnie Gognitti (Max Payne 1/2) and Barry Wheeler (Alan Wake),…

Mad Max.

The Mad Max franchise has been around for a long time. Even longer then I myself have walked on earth. If you’re around my age, chances are high you might not have even heard of Mad Max before. The Mad Max…

Hands-on preview of Max Payne 3.

Before you start reading our preview there’re some things you should take into account. During the course of time quite a few websites have previews already out in the wild. Most of them reveal detailed level information. Our article is…